I think Apple really needs to start making more durable headphones for their iPods, I mean you are paying hundreds of dollars for these things and personally I want some headphones that will last more than a couple of months!

I have now had to switch to some Virgin Airlines Headphones (Which are going great by the way) after only 3 months of my new ipod because the buds are falling apart, there is no sound in my right earphone (REALLY, REALLY annoying when listening to songs and suddenly all you have is bass and drums) and also at the top of the jack the plastic casing of the wire has come out leaving the ire exposed.

Now I don't think I use my headphones in such a way that they can get destroyed as I have quite a few friends now who have had the same problem aswell. We now all use Virgin Headphones :).

Apart from that my iPod is going great and I couldn't live without it.

iPod Joel