Another Great, not so must have accessory for an iPod. The Hymn Book iPod case. I won't say much but take a look at this website for more details:

iPod Joel

Now, We have all seen different sporting accessories for the iPod to make it possible to listen to some tunes while jogging but i think this one takes the cake.

The Thanko Vonia Sports Headband is a headband that holds your iPod and is also waterproof. Ok, at the moment you are thinking "Wow, I'm impressed but it seems that there might be more to this headband than simply the ability to hold my music". And you would be correct. The main feature of this Headband is that is has bone conducting technology, instead of plugging you earphones in this headband sends vibrations into the inner bones of your ear.

Not surprisingly it is another great invention from Japan. Great Huh! You can grab one of these headbands at, they are $99.00 but at the moment I think that unsurprisingly they are sold out.

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1.Don't Stop The Music

2.Pictures Of You
The Last Goodnight

3.Low (feat. T-Pain)
Flo Rida

4.Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis

The Veronicas

6.Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

7.Piece Of Me

Britney Spears

8.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin 2008 With Akon

Micheal Jackson

9.Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain)
Chris Brown

10.Outta My head (Ay Ya Ya)

Ashlee Simpson

Ipods Need The Little Things

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iPods are fantastic, who doesn't like them? But there are some little things the competitors have that if the iPod had it would wipe the competition.

I think things like an FM radio, A Sound Recorder or even Wifi would get rid of things like the Zune. With an FM radio the iPod would be o much better, it would open up a whole other side to your iPod experience. And if you could record the radio yourself through the iPod, now that would be amazing. As I am sure most of you know there are a lot of potential Podcasts that you can't get on iTunes that would be good for hours upon hours of listening to.

Wifi would be fantastic for the iPod classic. Being able to browse through the iTunes store choosing a new song to download straight onto your iPod. Or being at a Starbucks or at the train station and being able to check the score of sport or quickly checking your emails.

Whatever they do, Apple needs to do something along these lines.

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Mad TV iPod Nano Spoof Ad

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Who Doesn't like Mad TV?

iPod, Will it Blend?

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One of the first iPods, Will it Blend?

iPod Joel

That is the question. Roughly doubling the capacity of the iPod Classic every 12 months or so , how far can iPod take the iPod classic. At the moment the iPod classic can either be bought at 80gb or 160gb which I still think a lot of people can still fill up with their collections of music and movies combined. But when will Apple have to either abandon the original click wheel design or start adding features to keep it fresh.

If they keep doubling the capacity of the iPod every 12 months then eventually there could be an issue with the technology not being available. Think about it, I reckon this year either a 200gb, 250gb or 320gb will come out. 90% of people don't have that much media!

The idea is working for now but eventually the iPod dream ride is going to come to a halt if Apple don't start adding features to make it a successful product. Bluetooth, Wifi, a Camera, Maps and a Portable iTunes store are some of the things I have already talked about here on iPod iDeas and Apple really need to consider some.

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iPod Needs more security measures

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Thinking about how much the iPod cost I began to think about how good a target the iPod is for thieves, it's a small, light object that is worth hundreds of dollars. I had never really thought about this before. I think that Apple needs to have some sort compulsory security pass to be able to access the iPod interface.

Although this could be a little bit more inconvenient for iPod users it could deter dozens of robbers from trying to steal someones iPod. I know that the iPod has an optional lock that you can apply to it but maybe they should make this lock compulsory for iPods.

I think that if the technology was available at a reasonable price then the ideal security measure would be a built in finger print scanner that only accepts the user which is assigned at the first turn on of the iPod.

Perhaps if people did not want to go through the lock every time then a backup security measure could be to have an unique code in each iPod that iTunes reads and every time someone wants to sync their iPod with iTunes they have to enter a code.

You don't have to agree with me but personally I value the safety of my precious iPod

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New iPod shuffle and Prices

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Apple has announced a price drop of the 1gb iPod shuffle to only $49 US. I think that this is great news for people wanting an iPod but not having 10's of 1000's of songs or not wanting to have to spend to much.

Apple have also announced a 2gb iPod shuffle for those with a bit more music to listen to. The 2gb model will retail for $69 US.

In other iPod related news, iTunes is now an official partner of American Idol. iTunes will have exclusive rights to the songs performed by the final 24 finalists. You will be allowed to purchase semifinalist songs starting this week for 99 cents, and videos of their performances will be available for $1.99 starting March 11.

My iPod Case Off eBay

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A Couple of weeks ago I purchased a silicon case for my iPod classic of eBay. I had decided that I didn't want to be paying the same amount of money for a case as the price of an iPod Shuffle, seriously some cases are really, really expensive.

So I had a look on good ole eBay. And what do you know? Success! That's right when my case came today I was very pleased with what I had purchased. It was a Black silicon case for an 80gb iPod classic which is exactly what I asked for.

I payed only AUS $6.00 for it, if you want to know how much American that is ad on roughly 5 or 6%. One of the features I was really pleased with was the fact that there wasn't a stupid piece of rubber where the click wheel is meaning I could still decide which song I want!

All my friends that have gone out and bought the brand name cases from the shops for 6 or 7 times the price I payed have had to use a box cutter or a knife to get rid of that little plastic circle that makes it impossible to decide what song you really want and instead of getting The Fratellis from all that scrolling you end up with Arctic Monkeys!

So if you are looking for an iPod case but don't want to be spending a fortune or waiting until the next iPod range comes out and you go and search through the bin to the side of the iPod cases then why not try eBay for a change.

iPod Joel

Got Some Gatorade and an Onion? Well if you do and happen to be stranded with your uncharged iPod and your iPod USB cable, then you in luck! This video demonstrates how to charge an iPod using these everyday objects.

I'm not going to try it but please comment if you have had any successes.

iPod Joel

Sonic iPod Game Review

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I had a spare few dollars on my iTunes account, not enough to buy an album with but still enough for an iPod game. With quite an extensive range of iPod games nowadays it is very hard to decide what game to get. So I went for a game that I thought could not fail...Sonic!

And it did not fail, this game, although not the easiest to control at first is fantastic once you get the hang of the controls. Much like the original sonic, this game is now a favorite of mine when it comes to games to play while listening to some of my music on the go.

With great, colorful graphics this game is a sure winner with any fan of the original and I think that Sega have produced a great replica of the original. This is a short post but I must go now to face off with Dr.Egg!

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1. Don't Stop The Music

2. Pictures Of You
The Last Goodnight

3. Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis

4. Low (feat. T-Pain)
Flo Rida

5. Untouched
The Veronicas

6. Crank That (Soulja Boy)
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

7. Piece Of Me
Britney Spears

8. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 with Akon
Micheal Jackson

9. Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)
Ashlee Simpson

10. Apologize (feat. One Republic)

iPod Human

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Personally I didn't think that this was that funny but some people might get a chuckle out of this:


Crazy iPod Nano Concept

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This is the kind of iPod Nano i would buy, of course only if it had a video feature.

I think the designer of this concept Nano his hit it right on the money of what Apple would do if they ever integrated a camera into a Nano or Click wheel ipod.

Source: iLounge

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T-Shirt's Charging Your iPod?

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That's Right, smart people have done it again with the invention of a fabric that can generate electricity. The fabric contains really, really small wires that are woven into the fabric and the electricity is generated by simply moving around while doing day to day things.

The research, described in the Feb. 14 edition of the journal Nature, combines the precision of ultra-small nanotechnology with the elegant principle known as the piezoelectric effect, in which electricity is generated when pressure is applied to certain materials.
Febuary 14th edition of Journal Nature

At first I thought that no one would by the shirts because that they would have all these wires running through it, but then I found out that there would be no such problem as the wires are only 1/1800th of a human hair thick! See, told you smart people have done it again.

The makers say that one square foot of the fabric would produce enough electricity to recharge a portable music player.


iPod Joel

I'm almost positive that at some stage everyone with an iPod has wanted to be able to put their music back onto a computer. Whether it be their own from their computer crashing or a new computer, to if you wanted to give a couple of songs to your friends.

Well here are some programs that will help you to overcome iTunes and it's annoying ways:

Put control of the iPod back in your hands with the ultimate iPod companion. iPodRip supports recovering your songs and playlists, playback of audio files and much more.

Music Rescue
With Music Rescue, you can copy your tracks to the other machine. If you're not allowed to install iTunes (school and corporate networks tend to not like this), simply install Music Rescue on you iPod at home and it'll be available wherever you go - Mac or PC.

iPod Access
iPod Access is the leading iPod/iPhone music and video transfer application for PC. With iPod Access you have instant access to all the songs on your iPod and iPhone.

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32gb Ipod Touch & 16gb iPhone

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The iPhone and iPod Touch have taken another step forward by Apple managing to double both of these devices memory capacities. The iPod Touch can now be bought with a 32gb hard drive may seem small now but only a couple of months ago was the standard size for the ipod Video. The iPhone has moved up the 16gb of memory which I think is a great amount for a phone and although I would prefer more I think I would be able to get by with 16gb on my phone.

The prices are as below:

iPhone 8gb: $399.00
iPhone 16gb $499.00

iPod Touch 8gb: $299.00
iPod Touch 16gb: $399.00
iPod Touch 32gb: $499.00

Personally I would prefer to stick to my iPod Classic for now but if in a few months time Apple were to release something like a 64gb iPod Touch I would consider it if I could afford it. Here in Australia you cannot get the iPhone without buying it from eBay or paying outrageous amounts at some computer stores that have gotten them shipped in.

I think that there is so much potential with these two devices and there can only be good to come for the future o these technology revolutionizing iPods.

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1.Don't Stop the Music

2.Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis

3.Pictures Of You
The Last Goodnight

4.Low (Feat. T-Pain)
Flo Rida

5.Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 With Akon
Micheal Jackson

6.Piece Of Me
Britney Spears

The Veronicas

8.Crank That (Soulja Boy)
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

9.Apologize (Feat. One Republic)

10.No One
Alicia Keys

This One I Made myself, this is my first Spoof iPod Ad and I am pretty happy with how it came out. What Do You Think?
The quality didn't come out as I would have liked it to but oh well, you get the idea.


I thought this one was kind of funny so I decided to post it.

Source: iPod Ad Spoofs

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Changing An iPod Battery

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Video I found explaining how to change an iPod battery, useful for those willing to take a bit of a risk.

iPod Joel

Looking through the iPod games on iTunes I started to think about what other kinds of games could be converted to play on the iPod. I figured that most classic games would be able to and some of them would be fantastic on the iPod. The two I would like to see on the small screen the most are "Asteroids" and "Space Invaders".

Think about it, these games would be perfect for the ipod Click wheel and I'm sure that Apple wouldn't have a problem trying to sell these classic games to iPod users.

I'm Sure that Space Invaders would work great with a simple touch on either side of the click wheel moving the Spaceship sideways like in the iPod game "PAC-MAN". Then you could simply click the center button to fire, simple, yet hours of fun.

As for Asteroids it could have a system of rotating kind of like in "Vortex". You simply move your thumb around the click wheel and the Spaceship rotates as your thumb goes. It might also have an option for the Spaceship to face the direction in which your thumb is on the click wheel. Then to fire once again simply press the middle button. I'm not sure about the Hyperspace Jumping on the iPod version of the game but maybe the side buttons of the click wheel could be used since they won't affect the game.

I'm sure there are plenty more older games that would fit the iPod perfectly but those are the two gmes that I would like to see on My iPod in the near future.

iPod Joel

Ok, I Know what you are thinking, that I have really lost the plot now with this one. But I think that there could be potential for something like this with iPods. It didn't take people long to figure out that you could put educational Audio onto the iPod, and it also didn't take long for bad eggs to start using the iPod as a cheating device (Something I Do Not think is good).

So what I was thinking was that while sleeping you could listen to the iPod on the subject you where studying. It does sound a bit far fetched but I don't think that there is much to lose while you are sleeping.

I Haven't tried it yet but I should the next time I have a test coming up. I wonder if it would work and if in some strange circumstance it did, then how much effect would it have on you.

iPod Joel

iTunes 7.6

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Buy music, movies, TV shows, and audio books, or download free podcasts from the iTunes Store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Organize and play everything on your Mac or PC. Then sync it to your iPod or iPhone and bring it along. Anywhere.

iTunes Version 7.6

I Know its not exactly recent but I am starting up a section where it is updated as soon as iTunes is from Now on


Youtube Intergration for iPods

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I Am A Subscriber to the "Best Of Youtube" Vodcast(Video-Podcast) via iTunes and I love to watch all the new clips when they come out for my iPod not knowing what to expect. While Watching this Vodcast I realized that there was so much more potential for Youtube and the Non-touch screen Apple iPod Range.

My Ideal setup would be to when I see a video I liked on Youtube simply take the URL of that Video and paste the text into iTunes. iTunes does the rest, treats it as a normal download and puts it under a new category on the video menus. SO you would have Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and then Youtube Videos. Another way to improve on this idea would be to have the ability to subscribe to a channel just as you can on the Youtube website, so like a podcast except you have the range of all the Youtube Channels to choose from and not Just what one person thought was funny enough to put on their personal Podcast.

It seems to me that also this might take a little while to work out for the developers of itunes, that the agreement between Apple & Youtube would not be hard to work out seeing you can already watch Youtube videos on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iPod Joel

Not Sure what To Think Of This

Source: iPod Ad Spoofs

I thought this was Quite Humorous Myself

When I found this video it cracked me up so I thought I should share it, it's a bit old but still very funny!
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Bluetooth for iPods

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Ever wanted to get a friend to send you a song of a picture to your iPod? Well I have to and so I think that Apple should add Bluetooth to their next Non-Touch screen range. This would open up a great new way to share your photos, songs and If you had enough time then videos as well with your friends and family.

I love my bluetooth on my phone because of the ability to simply turn it on and receive a ring tone or a photo from one of my friends. It wouldn't just be the ability to send media to one another either, you could use your bluetooth enabled iPod to connect it to your computer instead of looking for that white cord all day.

Another use for it would be wireless head phones, I know you can already get a bluetooth headphone adapter for iPods, but it would be so much simpler if you didn't need that big, ugly box sticking out of the end of your iPod.

Yes, there may be some copyright issues with music or videos but to start off maybe they only have the ability to send photos, and if you can enable use of up to 5 computers for your iTunes library then maybe you can only send it to those other 4 users as if you to enable your account of their computer you would probably have to be a close friend of theirs.

I'm sure that their would be many more possibilities with Bluetooth in iPods and I think it's something Apple should take a look at for their next iPod range.

iPod Joel