iTunes Movies & Movie Rentals

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With the recent release of the ability to rent movies off of iTunes I was hoping that we might start to see the ability to either buy or Rent movies outside of the US.
Now I live in Australia and I know that I would get a lot more use out of my iPod Classic if I where able to purchase movies from the iTunes Store.

I Realize that there is some legal things to consider and that's why Apple says they will not do it but I think that if they can release it in the US surely it can be just as if not safer in say Australia or the UK.

I personally think Apple could be making Millions more a year if they gave this ability to iTunes users around the world and I for one would very much like it if Apple realized this potential.

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Pole Position: Remix Review

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I Just Bought The new iPod Game "Pole Position: Remix" by Namco so I thought I'd give a review on it.

I was a bit hesitant when I originally bought this game because I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy and get full use out of it. I am now very glad that I decided to purchase this game because I feel that is the best iPod game yet. It's achingly addictive! I couldn't put it down and it is just so FUN!

You use the click wheel to steer your car along the track, something I thought would have been obvious to Apple from day one and I am surprised that we haven't seen a game like this sooner. And You are always having to have your thumb on the Click wheel because the car won't accelerate without some touch.

The One Area I thought that they might be able to improve on was the graphics side of things but then again they were probably going for a very close resemblance to the original Pole Position so I did not mind the Graphics.

There are four styles of play which are Single Play, Grand Prix, Sudden Death and Practice and I like the Grand Prix Mode The Most. You can choose from either Amateur or Pro difficulty depending on how good you are at the game and there are 7 themes t choose from. There is also an option to change from Automatic to Manual in which you need to press the center button to toggle with the gears.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and I recommend it to anyone looking for a good portable Racing Game.

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My First iPod Concept

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This Is My First iPod Concept So it's probably not the best but I thought I did a Decent job for my first time.
-Full Length Touch Screen with Original iPod Interface
-100gb or 200gb Hard Drive
-Wifi Enabled
-2.0 Mega pixel Video Camera

Please tell me your thoughts!

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iPods In The Air!

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It seems like iPods are pooping up everywhere these days and now you will be able to get even more out of your iPods since Apple has just come to an agreement with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM, and United to allow iPods to be used with the in-flight entertainment systems.

Passengers that fly on these airlines will be able to charge their iPods through their seat and watch their videos on the back of seat displays.

Just Make sure all your videos are nice and friendly or you might get a little embarrassed.

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Full Screen iPod

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I liked this one so I thought I'd Put it up here. I'd like to see something like this with the original iPod interface but still a full length tough screen and something like a 80gb hard drive

To Go To The Original Site click on the picture.

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iPhone Nano Concept

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I liked this concept of the iPhone Nano but the one thing that got me was that it would be to small to have a decent conversation if you were using it as a phone, but then again who buys a phone to call people these day?

What do people think?
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Phase Review

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I recently bought the iPod game "Phase" from the iTunes store so I decided to review it.

Many iPod users have been waiting a long time for a game along the lines of Guitar Hero and I don't think that they will be disappointed with this one. This game gets you very involved and the songs already on the game have a great range of styles. Of Course if you get bored with the games that come on the game you can simply drag and drop your own songs into the Phase Play list and next time you sync you iPod you will be able to play those songs on Phase.

The beats line up incredibly well for a game that only cost me $7.49 AUD and it really is quite fun to be able to choose your own songs, something that you are yet to be able to do with Guitar Hero I might add. The visual side of it is great as well with a great choice of themes that help keep the game interesting and lively.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and I think anyone who likes Guitar Hero will find this game as fun and exciting as I did.


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